#2 Yogyakarta

Ijinkanlah aku untuk slalu pulang lagi Bila hati mulai sepi tanpa terobati Honest, it’s not the first time that I plan to write about this city, but it’s just so..difficult. It’s so difficult to put my love to this city into words. How am I supposed to describe a city that I love although I … More #2 Yogyakarta

The first 42 hours with SCG Thailand

Orientation. New friends. Accommodation. SCG Headquarter. Adaptability.  If you are missing the first part, go to this link for the introduction. It was the 10th of July when we arrived in Thailand. They picked us up, bring us to our accommodation. Considering that I am involved in an internship program that is fully-funded (not like a short-term … More The first 42 hours with SCG Thailand