Negeri Van Oranje

Hai! This is my very first post under the category of Review: Movies, well sebenernya aku agak bingung sih whether I should put this topic di review movie or books karna I think I will talk about both in this post, tapi ya yaudah deh. Anyway, minggu lalu I had a what-so-called as reading week yang … More Negeri Van Oranje

Who am I ?

Welcome. Welkom. Salaam. Bienvenue. Willkomen. Aloha. This blog is written by Rizki Amalia Laksmiputri, a young Indonesian woman whom currently studying at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I was born in January 1996, and thus it makes me (almost) 20 years old today. I have been moving from one city to another a lot of … More Who am I ?