Volendam, The Most Netherlands You Can Get

I will start this post by  asking, what crosses your mind when you think of the Netherlands? Tulips, canals, cheese, traditional costumes, wooden shoes, dam? This place, Volendam offers all the Dutch clichés, beside tulips unfortunately, that is why I picked this city as the first one to be posted in my blog under this tag. It located only … More Volendam, The Most Netherlands You Can Get


Aloha! Yesterday, on the fifth day of 2016 I decided to color my hair. The sixth day of 2016 I went to a hairstylist and did it. It is something that I’ve been wanting for ages, tapi awalnya aku pikir my parents didn’t allow me because everytime I brought the topic about coloring my hair, … More 6/366

Yes, I Took it Off (1)

Yes, indeed I took my hijab/veil/headscarf/ whatever-you-wanna call-it that has wrapped my head for approximately six months off. Why? That’s the question isn’t it? I decided to create one post on this blog to answer that question, because people have been asking me a lot. Everyday, at least two or three persons asked me the … More Yes, I Took it Off (1)