Seven Days Left

Yep, you read that right. Seven days left. Before I leave my beloved city, Yogyakarta. Seven days, including today. S.E.V.E.N.

I’m excited and terrified, both at the same time. Because after Yogyakarta, I’ll be staying in Bandung for.. less than a week, then I am off to Hong Kong. It’s crazy huh?

For those of you who don’t know it yet, but I will be going on an exchange program at the City University of Hong Kong for more or less six months. There are so many things that I have to prepare and take care of, and sometimes it really messed my mind up because it drives me crazy everytime. But thankfully, the Global Services Office of the campus was being extremely nice, helpful, and I really admire their fast response. If I email them the night before, in the morning they answered. When I emailed them in the morning, they would answer me in the afternoon. Although sometimes I feel bad because I think I asked too much, and requested too much, but they were beyond incredible in helping me out.

Moving on, I am excited because I got the notification that I got offered a room at the student residence (yes this is a good news, because there is very cheap and close to the campus), also I have just received my original Letter of Acceptance and also my visa was just approved and they are sending it through FedEx soon (or maybe they have. Hm). But I am just extremely thrilled but there are too many things I have to arrange for God sake, I wish I could be a little girl again when my parents will do everything for me HEHE.

And then now I have so many things in my mind, thinking that I only have seven days left sleeping in this comfortable room I’ve always stayed for the last 2 and a half years. Thinking how I will miss these people I love here in Jogja. Thinking how much I will miss mie ayam, tempe goreng, sate klatak, pisang molen, and sate padang.  Thinking how I haven’t packed my things yet, because I am just really busy with my final exam, and it is crazy. I haven’t got my visa yet and it is crazy. You know, I actually don’t think I can take a breath for these three hectic weeks. I actually believe that my very first long breath would be on the 3rd of January, when I first arrived in Hong Kong.

Crazy, crazy. I just pray that God will keep me sane, and He has to. I meant..well.

[Disclaimer: I have 4 papers, 3 essays, 2 written tests for my final exam. The exam will be until the 21st of December, then I will start packing, and leave on the 24rd of December. After that, going to Cirebon for two days, and then go to Bandung. Then, leave to Jakarta on the 31st, and then going to HK on the 2nd of January]






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