The first 42 hours with SCG Thailand

Orientation. New friends. Accommodation. SCG Headquarter. Adaptability. 

If you are missing the first part, go to this link for the introduction.

It was the 10th of July when we arrived in Thailand. They picked us up, bring us to our accommodation. Considering that I am involved in an internship program that is fully-funded (not like a short-term seminar or some fancy camp) and the duration is pretty long – one month, so I was expecting to live in a normal furnished dorm/apartment. To my surprise, they brought us to a luxurious hotel called The Emerald Hotel that up to today I still cannot believe that I call this hotel a ‘home’. Although we were tired, but we had to meet the SCG staffs at the hotel lobby and did some registrations but then it got exciting! Why? Because turns out this is also the time when we got our ehem.. allowance hehe. SCG staffs gave us our 2-weeks of allowance, and the other half will be given on the end of our second week which is such a good idea because if they gave it all in front, probably we will spend all the money in two weeks lol. They also have provided unlimited MRT pass for all the Bangkok non-engineering interns because we take MRT every single day, while the engineering got MRT card + some money already topped up because they have their own shuttle from apartment to the plant.

emerald hotel
Emerald Hotel, Bangkok

Talking about our accommodation, I am so happy about it. SCG team really show that they are actually 100% care about us, and it can be seen from the accommodation they picked for us. There are two 7/11 available just one step away from hotel ibaratnya sih kepeleset aja nyampe lho. Also, Huai Khwuang Night Market where the yummy foods & street snacks are and the MRT station is just within walking distance. As guests of the hotel, we basically have the access to all of the facilities including gym, swimming pool on the rooftop, and buffet breakfast (sorry as a college student i feel like this one should be celebrated too HAHA). Not to mention that SCG is responsible to pay for 60 pieces of our clothes to be laundered at the hotel, if that is not caring then what is? Seriously, I really thought that with the fact that we got our allowance, I thought we supposed to figure things out by our-self, but NO! Hotel, breakfast, transportation, laundry, medical supports (if you are sick) are all on SCG. Wow, yes wow. That’s the only way to express my feelings now, and I am feeling extremely grateful to be chosen ❤

About the bedroom, every participants supposed to share the room with another roommate from different country. My roommate is Su Myat from Myanmar and I like her a lot. I know myself that I can’t be with people who talks tooo much or too quiet just say yes or no the whole time, and she is the perfect balance for. We exchanged souvenirs from our home country as well. One fun fact, there is no story about us fighting over one bedroom because I am an early-riser but she isn’t, so everything goes well!

Su Myat and I on the first night in Bangkok!

On the first morning of our stay in Bangkok, we went to SCG for our official orientation day. We used MRT to reach the office and we were guided too because it was our first time and they wanted to ensure that nobody got lost or be late on this day. By the time we arrived at the office gate, all 45 of us took pictures together at the sign. When we enter the office, we were like “holy moly what is this” “oh damn is this the office” Is this some kind of SCG city?” , really I am not exaggerating at all everyone was impressed by the office. When I said ‘office’ I meant the entire complex of office, consist of massive sign of SCG, car parks, office shuttles, big trees, green gardens, lake, water fountain, big bridge, cute historical yellow house, valentine pavilion, I mean… I was so overwhelmed on my first day! Really, I did not see it coming that’s why I always annoyed when someone said I’m working in a ‘cement’ factory because I’m like “dude you have zero idea of what you’re talking about”.

19983908_1554777491260609_5681001824858927335_o (1).jpg
The massive sign of the company I was talking about + the picture of King Rama IX

On this official orientation, again, we enjoyed some ice-breaking games to let all 45 of us to get to know each other better, and we also have a session where we we have to build a car track for . After that session, we listened to SCG Business Overview, History, basically to get in-depth knowledge about the company we will work with. There was also an important session that has nothing to do with SCG, but it plays role in our survival which is.. Basic Thai mini-conversation. We learned how to greet, how to answer, how to ask where the toilet is (yes, for our survival), what to do and what not to do, etc. Ohya, for people with food restrictions, we also learned how to pronounce that food such as beef, pork, or even spicy/not. We finished the day with a speech greeting by K. Yuttana Jiamtragan who is the VP of SCG Corporate Administration himself and also a fine Thai foods dinner with the HR elites. It was a great day!


On our second day, the Bangkok interns (including me) started our internship but on this day, the focus was more about introducing us to our departments. My mentor picked me up at the SCG lobby and brought me to my department, Corporate HR at the SCG 100 years building – the biggest the tallest office in the complex & yes i’m happy :p. My mentor helped me to get my visitor pass to enter the building because my ID was still in the process. Everything was so high-tech in the building, that I feel like I come from the 70’s century. When we reached the department, she brought me around and introduced me to every division in HR Department and Bil (another intern at HR) and I also listened to presentations about Corporate HR that our mentors have prepared. Nothing much happening beside it is our first day in the office. The words to describe the day is adapt and learn quickly. One thing to say is that I surely love the office environment and all the employees, but I will talk about all of these later on my next post as it is too long already hehe.

My desk and what I see everyday

I am planning to write about the office environment, the people, my mentors and the workloads on my next post. Just leave a comment below if you have any questions or anything. Stay tuned!

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