Europe and Its Sparks

Hai people!

This morning is the first day of  my holiday marked the end of my third semester of uni. I woke up, and I knew I would be bored since each member of my family has their own activities; My dad and mom went to their offices, while little bro and sister are gone to the schools so here I am laying on the bed with nothing to do. Thus, I decided to blog something interesting, and I think to write something about my living experience abroad would be nice, so I created a new category in this blog which is the ‘Europe and its Sparks’.

Why Europe? Because sadly, I haven’t visited any other countries beside Indonesia and countries outside the Europe continent (no, not even Singapore and Malaysia, yet)

But before writing a lot about those beautiful cities and  countries, it would be best if I write about how my family and I could suddenly lived there. Well, first of all my dad is a police officer, which required him to move quite a lot from one city to another, with or without the family. He went to Indonesian missions such as Aceh to deal with Gerakan Aceh Merdeka, and Poso, and he went abroad for United Nation Peacekeeping Missions for example the one in Bosnia and Sudan which of course did not included us in the journey. There were also times when he moved to a neutral region and decided to bring us with him, that was why we moved to a small city near Palembang, Cirebon, and then to Europe, specifically The Netherlands.

He is a police officer, but he applied to be Police Attaché for the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands and he got accepted. He was the very first Police Attaché in Europe, and I was so proud of him. For your information, Police Attache for Indonesian Embassy was a new program therefore it only has a few in the world like in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the one in Europe was a brand new. Additionally, it is different with Defense-Attaché a.k.a Atase Pertahanan which the people are from the military, while Police Attaché, well from the police officer just like my father. After he got accepted, he went to the Netherlands on July 2011, alone to set up his new office at the embassy and look for a house for us to stay. On August, my dad came to Indonesia to pick us up, and then on September, the whole family and I flew to the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We lived in Olgaland, Den Haag, in a beautiful three floors house with a basement, a backyard and a front yard, tbh it was five floors though. The house was beautiful, although it was scary at first recall how big and empty it was, but my mom was amazing to be able to create a home in that house.

My dad went to the embassy everyday as it was his new office, my sister and I went to an Indonesian School in the Netherlands (yes, they have it but I will tell you more about in other post), my mom did not work while she was in NL – she is actually a woman air force and she was cuti di luar tanggungan negara, and she became an ordinary housewife and took care of my little brother who went to a public Dutch school nearby, de vuurvlinders. And that’s then how we ended up living in the Netherlands for three years.

Under this tag of Europe and its Sparks, I will write more about cities and countries I have visited, and interesting things about the Netherlands like its places, foods and drinks, schools, parks, etc. So, stay tuned! 😉

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