Closing the book of 2015

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2015 was rough and tough.
Things changed, promises broke, people left, society hated and judged, but somehow… somehow you guys are here supporting me through all the highs and lows of this roller coaster called life. Facing issues and being so far away from home is hard, but you created me a new home in this tanah rantau. I don’t know what to say because I know words cannot describe how lucky I am to have you all.

And thus, on the very first day of 2016, allow me to post my best nine people of 2015. There I have my insane squad; Arra Lila Karin Sarah, my Oranje babes; Gavril Olga, my go-to guys; Faisal Kevin. The only thing I can say to all of you is thank you.
Last but not least, is myself. Yes, I put myself there because after years of struggling to accept myself with all the imperfections, I finally befriend and making peace with myself.

So again, thank you.
I love you and happy new year.

P.s I dont put my Ayah, Ibu, Anne and Dimas in the picture because they are not included in the best people of 2015, but they are the best blessing I’ve ever had in my life. Hou van jullie.

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