30 Days Thought Catalog

Hi happy new year!
I know I haven’t been here for…years? And that’s actually one of the things that I regretted. I wish I had written more & keep the journal alive and my head running wild, but well…it’s better late than never right?

Anyway, this is our anniversary! Today 4 years ago I signed up here for my 2016 NY resolution, wrote my first blog post , and slowly learning to being truly true to myself. I’ve always loved moments of self-reflection and so it’s very refreshing to re-read everything I’ve written on this journal that I’ve started 4 years ago (plus another private middle school blogspot & another private high school tumblr). It’s so interesting to see just how much changes has happened in these past years – especially seeing how much I’ve grown as a human being. Oh and it’s always fun to make fun of yourself, like how I laughed reading the stupid thing I wrote, or noticing major grammar mistakes HAHA yes I’m still making mistakes now as well, but i don’t care really.

Thus, Chuchoter, I’m making you one of my New Year Resolutions once again. It’s a little different this time. So I’m planning a ’30 days thought catalog’ where I have to write here – 30 days straight starting from tomorrow (re: second of Jan).
Will I be okay? Will it be succesful? Can I be creative enough? Haha hopefully.
Happy birthday, Chuchoter. See you soon.

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